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Intrepid uses Employee Navigator to revolutionize enrollment

Case Study
Sep 11, 2019

Some agencies are reluctant to change old processes. Why change something that’s been working?

Unlike those agencies, Liz Frayer, President of Intrepid, went on the hunt to find something that could take her agency to the next level by offering rules-based enrollment. What good is eliminating paper enrollment forms if we’re just filling them online?

The Challenge

The main challenge Liz faced was finding a multi-dimensional system that could be tweaked for each enrollee. The systems Intrepid had demoed all seemed similar; they took the paper enrollment form and simply put it online. Liz needed a rules-based system that could account for all the intricacies of complex employee benefit offerings.

The Solution

After a call from Employee Navigator, Liz quickly knew that Employee Navigator was the benefits administration tool they had been searching for.
The software allowed Intrepid to create a streamlined enrollment flow that was easy for employees to understand. It had the flexibility to support a wide range of case sizes without sacrificing utility or usability. It allowed Intrepid to service a wide range of clients from a single platform.

The Results

Thanks to the platform’s versatility, Intrepid today has roughly 5,000 employees on Employee Navigator. For any client with over 20 employees, Employee Navigator is offered as a free, value-added service.